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Blog entries by Paul Bruce

Not long now till we get off our bloated, festive behinds and open up the ESFF for 2017! In the meantime, in true Hogmanay spirit, we always like to have a wee look back at our last edition & it’s fair to say we were pretty pleased with the Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2016. Last Autumn, we held 8 nights at the Cameo, Summerhall & the Filmhouse beginning on October 26th at a sold out Filmhouse 2, with our Japanese night - curated for us by our partners at Tokyo’s Short Short Film Festival...
Edinburgh Shorts Film Festival Horror shorts reviewed by Ben Brown Review by Benjamin Brown A recent student on the MSc course in ‘Film, Exhibition and Curation’ at the University of Edinburgh, Benjamin has an unabated passion for the 7th art of the moving image and a truly eclectic taste in films. 1 Minute To Midnight: Edinburgh Short Film Festival Sunday October 20th 2016
Edinburgh Shorts Script Pitch Competition Deadline looms! Time running out for young, Scottish screenwriters to enter the script pitch competition and win flights & tickets to the 2017 London Screenwriters as well as industry mentoring! Deadline is midnight on Sunday! http://www.edinburghshortfilmfestival.com/script-pitch-competition/

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