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Student Film Composer: Collaborations Portfolio

  1. Blog Description

    Hi All

    I'm a UK-based student composer writing here about my portfolio of film composing and theatre-based experience. I write in a wide variety of styles and try to keep a busy schedule of a range of features to work on.

    Please have a read, have a listen and message me if you're interested in music for your next project! Whatever your film is, wherever you are in the world, I would be interested to collaborate with you.

    About Author

    David Simkins
    A student composer, David’s compositions have already succeeded in regional competitions. This experience recently led him to directing, composing and conducting original music for his school’s production of Othello. His music has been performed by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s new music ensemble as well as the Dorset Youth Orchestra. He also sings bass, plays piano to Grade 8 Merit standard and violin in student and county ensembles.