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Well as I said there's so much that has changed since my last post. To some it up, we moved from the West Coast to the East Coast. Packing up our house in approximately six days was a complete blur! Mind you, we were still handling other things as all of this was going down. TOO MUCH FUN! In that time I received my Associate's Degree from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor's Degree at SCAD ATL. I promise to keep posting as much as possible and as often too!
Edinburgh Short Film Festival has just broadcast the latest edition of Cinetopia, the radio show for film enthusiasts! The February edition covers the Oscars, A kind of Seeing & Gabrielle Brady, Director of Island of Hungry Ghosts. Reviews & discussions as well as a lovely set of film-related tunes! CINETOPIA FEBRUARY
Hello everyone! I am Shaw Austin, and this single blog entry will give you a brief look at the story and meaning behind our new short film, "Remember Me". If you are interested in seeing it, it is posted right here on Studentfilms.com, as well as on YouTube on the Rookie Ace Channel. When we first wrote the idea for "Remember Me", our goal was to create a story that gave respect to the forgotten soldiers of the Civil War - those who fought and died for their cause, and those who behaved...
The deadline to submit your film to be considered for this year's festival is quickly approaching! If you have a film you want to submit to us before the deadline of May 18 2018 then please follow this link www.encounters-festival.org.uk/submit-your-film-2018/
Hello all, I promise to keep this short, sweet and to the point. A while back I had to get a brand new laptop. So after much debate, I bought a new MacBook Pro and after about a week my hard drive from the old MBP was moved to the newest one. Fast forward about three weeks, I noticed that a script I had written didn't transfer. I panicked! Four days passed as I then realized that I never saved this script before I traded it in. I just finished it tonight, so good night!
Why am I a filmmaker? I just love the art of storytelling. This is a rich tradition, that I believe will never die. From the beginning and end of time, they'll be yelling! You'll never kill a storyteller, even if you try.
Hello everyone it's Filmmaker Freddie, I just realized that these are my last 2 weeks of break before school starts back up. As I reflect on what I did I realized that I accomplished more things on break than I originally intended to do. First off, I wanted to relax yet, still work. So the family and I went to Atlanta, GA for Christmas to be with family. While there I had the opportunity to film this first episode of my newest endeavor titled, "Reel Eats" with my cousin Mike Character of...
"Anbuden Nithya(Lovingly Nithya)" a film by Imaginarium Flicks , short in Dubai United Arab Emirates , by and group of enthusiasts who are into various streams of life
+JMJ+ Film is simply an advanced type of photography. And, as we know, light, whether the presence or absence of it, is vital to both still and moving imagery. Light allows for a lot of creativity as well. Photo- is a Greek word-forming term meaning "light." Aside from its obvious use in the word photography, it is often used as a prefix in some scientific jargon. For example, photosynthesis is a process by which green plants convert various organic materials into carbohydrates via...

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