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    We've just launched the ability to create User Blogs on the site.... so if you are a Composer or Student Filmmaker and would like to create your...

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The deadline to submit your film to be considered for this year's festival is quickly approaching! If you have a film you want to submit to us...

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  1. Saint Saens in Modern Film

Hi there, I am a new Berklee grad and am looking for opportunities with film students. I would love to have have some tracks used in indie films and could actively promote as well.
I have some tracks (that are not already in use) on my Soundcloud and would love if you could have a listen and see if anything may tickle your fancy and possibly be of use to your project. I am open to free for credit. Maybe we could help each other out a bit.
I appreciate you taking the time to read. Please...
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  1. My music

    I'm a composer. The daily life of the killer, it's scary. Watch until the end. In general, this is the first film, and we did it within 1 day. In the morning we wrote the script, and in the evening we already edited the film. Do not judge strictly. I will be happy with any advice. I'm just a musician, a composer. The film uses my music, who needs it, I can also offer music for free! See this link
The Regular submission deadline for the 2017 Edinburgh Short Film Festival Monday 15th May

Last chance to submit at the regular submission fee rate!

Entrants will be eligible for one of our 3 awards for 2017:
and for inclusion on our Global Tour for 2017/2018:

But time is running out on our regular deadline which ends on 15th May

Don’t blame the intern if you miss it!

Our programme and dates for the Edinburgh Short Film Festival Programme at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017 have now been finalised and we're excited to be able to reveal details about the screenings!

The festival was founded by actor Tetsuya Bessho and the first festival was held in Tokyo in 1999, screening 6 short films made by George Lucas, when he was a student and has grown to become Japan's (and one of Asia's biggest) short film events. So we are very honoured to have been asked...
We spent a little time recently talking about dead cats with award-winning New Zealand film-maker, Ivan Barge, whose comedy short 'Madam Black' won the Director’s Choice award at Rhode Island International Film Festival, and the Prix de Public at the Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival prior to it’s screening at the 2016 Edinburgh Short Film Festival.

We’re delighted to reveal that we have finalised the details on a new festival partnership with the USA’s largest dedicated short film festival on the US East coast, DC Shorts!
Morgane Sarah Becerril directed ‘The Session’, An edgy, romantic-comedy set in a New York S & M dungeon, and tracing the developing relationship between Daphne, a newbie dominatrix and her client. The film screened at the 2016 Edinburgh Short Film Festival and also won 1st prize at the 2016 Montreal World Film Festival. We talked to Morgane about the film, working in a sex dungeon and film-making in general:...
Pete Carson of the ESFF interviews Vito Milazzo, director of Writer’s Block and producer, Lindsay Monroe – Writer’s Block is a deliciously dark, black comedy that follows a writer struggling with his creativity and with his relationships.

Filmed and edited by Nadia Dermatopoulou.

Our austerity-beating submission fee this year, is a mere £12 per entry until Monday January 30th 2017 – after that date the submission fee will rise, so get your skates on..but please don't take it out on the intern if you miss it!
Screening the best in International contemporary short cinema at venues across the Scottish
capital in Autumn.

The best films will be included in our programmes for other festivals across the UK & Internationally.

This year, we're excited to be programming films for our 2017 partners:
Asia's largest short film event, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia as well as the Sardinia Film Festival, Australia's Scots Day Out, Hidden Door in Edinburgh and some other partnerships we'll announce shortly...