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Composer looking for film to score

Hello, My name is Tyler Shippy.

I'm currently looking to create some film scores for my personal portfolio. I have published music in tv already but I am looking to do something more cinematic and be involved with a project where I am actually scoring to the edited visuals to properly marry the visuals and sounds. If you'd like to hear some examples of what I've done. I have some published tracks here https://downboys.sourceaudio.com/#!artist?id=290060

Many of these works are from a few years ago and I have learned a ton since. I'd love to chat with any filmmakers to help them get their post production finalized with a score I can personally create for you.

You can contact me here or via email at tylershippy@gmail.com

I have many more works I can share as I was touring musician for many years and in signed bands.

I have a great passion for music and would love to give your film the feeling it requires to envelop the audience in your story.


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