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Hello everyone it's Filmmaker Freddie,
I just realized that these are my last 2 weeks of break before school starts back up. As I reflect on what I did I realized that I accomplished more things on break than I originally intended to do. First off, I wanted to relax yet, still work. So the family and I went to Atlanta, GA for Christmas to be with family. While there I had the opportunity to film this first episode of my newest endeavor titled, "Reel Eats" with my cousin Mike Character of Character's BBQ. Once we returned home we jetted out to Sacramento, Ca for New Years where my little son went to his first Sacramento Kings game and loved it.

Secondly, I wanted to shoot at least 2 projects not counting what I did on vacation. So I just up and shot a commercial for one of my favorite restaurants the Main Avent Cafe & Catering in Fairfield, Ca. I just got the footage back today and will edit it tomorrow. That was a fun experience because I had some cosplayer friends of mine dress up for the commercial. Yes, I had people cancel and or either ran late but we crossed that hurdle once it came. The funniest was that actors were either my friends or loyal patrons of the Main Avent restaurant.

Third was that I hire a personal trainer and bought a truck. A 2008 GMC Sierra 1500 to be exact. This bad boy had 1 owner and only 81k miles on it. Why the personal trainer you ask? I need to get back into cosplay shape because I got lazy many months ago. So slowly but surely I'll be back!


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