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The highs and lows of kicking off

So, I am going to be honest, I ha e no idea how this website works. I downloaded it to find others who may be interested in aiding me with my project, but now it feels more I'm writing diary entries more than anything

But moving on,

Currently I am still kn the pre-productuon phase. Though I would like to jump straight to production, it's important to make sure the right people are involved, for the time being I have my writing team, but I beleive it best to hey a composer involved as soon as I can, as music adds so much tatcna help not only the writers but the board artists and aid in visual development .

But as I kick off this new journey of discovering myself as a film maker, I cannot help but be over whelmed by the support I have been given so far, it amazes me that there are people coming to me and asking to be apart of this project, that there are others who bwleove in this project as much as I do. Yet I still fond myself chewing on my nails more and more often as I worry time and time again that this may flop. That those interested will eventually lose interest. Or worse, what if I do?

Kicking off is the scariest part and I know once I reach production perhaps the what ifs will finally calm down?
Hopefully they do and I keep being able to remind myself that this project is for fun, that it's there for those involved to enjoy themselves and when the pilot is out in the world, we as a collective group will be able to look back on it, as maybe not our best work, but as a positive memory of a start.
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