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To the Lighthouse – The Fastnet Film Festival

At the closing night of the 2017 Edinburgh Short Film Festival,we were able to give a warm welcome to Aidan Stanley the Chairman of the Fastnet Film Festival, who had travelled from Schull in West Cork, where the festival is based, to this year's events in Edinburgh.

We were happy to play host to Aidan, as we'd made the reverse trip ourselves, back in May, to the Fastnet Film Festival itself.

The FFF is a truly amazing film festival, lacking a cinema they have used the entire town to host film, from horseboxes to libraries, from installing pop-up cinemas on a beautifully isolated island (taking the ticket-buyers by boat) to dressing shop windows as film sets, the FFF motto, 'The Village is Our Screen' is a pretty accurate description of events!

While we were there, we made a short documentary about the FFF and Schull which - we hope - does the whole atmosphere proud!And Hackett's Bar - we'll be back!

Thanks to Alexandra Person for filming and editing!



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