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New Student Film Reviews

  1. @CamtheScott
    "Great Spoken Word Poetry"
    I really liked the way that you guys tackled what is in the present world, a very difficult subject matter. For men who are fighting that battle of "keeping it real until you meet the one" I think this message is strong. The writer did a good job... View Full Review
  2. a7rii1991
    "Simple but effective."
    I like how you take something like pollution and turn it into art, also this short clip raises awareness about how our filthy our society is... but there is hope with a small minority of good people out there that are, that will create a ripple... View Full Review
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  3. Hannah Rodriguez
    "aesthetics on point!"
    I really loved the feel of this short film: the sand and the water and the colors associated with those two things. Also the sounds and how they are natural yet add so much. Incorporating the diary was a cool aspect. AND THE TRANSITION between... View Full Review