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New Student Film Reviews

  1. Aleksey
    excellent, intense film. Seen skill! If you need music, I will write to you for free! here are examples https://cloud.mail.ru/public/HmVS/FEC6UHzrC [ATTACH] View Full Review
  2. NotHarryAnderson
    "Perfectly Unsettling!"
    From the title "The Missing Files" the creepy mysterious tones are already set. the strange cinematography never reveals too much information, and paired with the square aspect ratio and glitchy sound design it manages to capture the idea that we... View Full Review
  3. Soumodip Singha Roy
    "Nice movie"
    This film is well crafted and screenplay is really nice. The most wonderful thing in this movie is storytelling. Acting and Direction is also very nice. The actors are really outstanding. Sound score is also up to the mark. Editing and color... View Full Review