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New Blog Entries

  1. Edinburgh Short Film Festival Programmes for Asia's biggest short film event!

    Our programme and dates for the Edinburgh Short Film Festival Programme at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2017 have now been finalised and we're excited to be able to reveal details about the screenings! The festival was founded by actor Tetsuya Bessho and the first festival was held in Tokyo in 1999, screening 6 short films made by George Lucas, when he was a student and has grown to become Japan's (and one of Asia's biggest) short film events. So we are very honoured to have been asked...
  2. Talking Dead Cats with Ivan Barge director of ‘Madam Black’

    We spent a little time recently talking about dead cats with award-winning New Zealand film-maker, Ivan Barge, whose comedy short 'Madam Black' won the Director’s Choice award at Rhode Island International Film Festival, and the Prix de Public at the Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival prior to it’s screening at the 2016 Edinburgh Short Film Festival. IVAN BARGE INTERVIEW
  3. Edinburgh Short Film Festival's Exciting New Partnership with DC Shorts in the US & Discounts on Entry

    We’re delighted to reveal that we have finalised the details on a new festival partnership with the USA’s largest dedicated short film festival on the US East coast, DC Shorts!