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New Student Film Reviews

  1. Matt Ramsay
    Framing could be improved and the camera set up is too grainy, for your next project try to set the camera up better. Have more shots then just close ups, you want to show the audience the locations. Acting can be heavily improved and definitely... View Full Review
  2. Attila Tóth
    "cinematic style"
    First ____Sorry for my bad english :) Great camera work, Good audio, Cinematic style edit, The direction and screenplay are very... View Full Review
  3. Aidan Collett
    "Amazing Camera Work!"
    The silence throughout the first part of the film is very powerful as it builds suspense - one is not even prepared for any gun action to ensue! The idea of having things occur then revealing that they were "what could have happened" is a great... View Full Review
  4. AllInTheEdit
    "Very nice audio"
    I really enjoyed this which is rare for such a short film. You established good pacing and all points in the film made coherent sense. Moody lighting was at times very effective and at other times appeared to be more of a hindrance. I must say... View Full Review
  5. EJIDA Studios
    "Amazing Trailer"
    This film trailer is quite cool. It shows that a character cannot seperate his thoughts from reality. The editing is amazing, and shows how we could get trailers done easily. Perhaps the most amazing is that this entire trailer was shot, filmed,... View Full Review