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New Student Film Reviews

  1. ArunAlex
    "Simple and beautiful"
    Excellent camera work especially long shots crisp and defined framework , small story line really understandable the effects of bullying , more of a social cause movie , acting was full abd good thought it needed a better more strong storyboard... View Full Review
  2. ArunAlex
    "Amaturish and suttle"
    Short good short film on perceptions of people which may go wrong , quickly shot and quite amateur in style ,guess not short with. A camera But more of a mobile camera device the music goes well with each frames , more depth can be added into... View Full Review
  3. Nikhil Jadhav
    "Could be done better"
    Overall video was good. It would have been better if had followed the above Cons. Also more narrations would be better next time. I liked how you actually shot the video. Very creative. I guess you could even work more with the transitions as it... View Full Review
  4. myrsinikl
    "Short and touching!"
    Interesting view of something we see regularly. Adequate acting and music that compliments without shadowing the action. The plot seems to be rather fairytale-inspired and the idea of the crippled girl following a stranger seemed to me rather... View Full Review
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