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  1. Freddie Lee 3
    I always loved this story no matter how it's being told. The director capture the pure emotion of all the characters involved. This story resignates with just about everyone. I also loved how they captured the tension of the story. the pacing was... View Full Review
  2. Freddie Lee 3
    Twin, is a really good concept. It took elements of suspense, thriller, and drama and merged it pretty well. I felt that the ending was superb. Is he trapped in a sort of limbo for taking his own life? Does he now haunt the bridge in the very... View Full Review
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  3. Owen Brindle
    "Cracking concept"
    It's nice to watch a short film that has a good concept, then see that film carry the concept through. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but because the film is kept brief, the viewer is still intrigued enough to stay with it till the... View Full Review
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  4. Owen Brindle
    "Nice short"
    A very short film that should appeal or at least resonate with everyone. The monster in the wardrobe/under the bed is a phase we all went through, and is played out well. The film sticks to some very good rules, number 1 - Story. A good story =... View Full Review