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How to Submit a Film?

Studentfilms.com is FREE to join and is ADVERTISEMENT FREE, but in order to foster a vibrant community of filmmakers on Studentfilms.com, we ask that members contribute to the site in the following ways before you can add your film.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Requirement #1: Review a Film of your Peers

Please write a constructive review for a film already on the site. It should preferably be a film that hasn't been reviewed yet.

Requirement #2: Contribute to a healthy discussion about film and filmmaking

Our goal is to have healthy, vibrant, and fun discussions in a community of filmmakers.

Start or participate in a filmmaking discussion in the Filmmaker Lounge.

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Requirement #3: Create your own Filmmaker Blog Home Page

Create a blog for yourself or your production company.

Your blog page is where you can introduce yourself or your production company, post behind the scenes, or even promotions for your films.

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Requirement #4: Add your first Blog Entry

Now that you've created your blog home page, post your first blog entry and introduce yourself to our community.

Please use your blog entries to continue to keep us posted about your films or whatever else you want to use your blog to talk about.

Spam is not allowed on the site.

Once all requirements are completed...

Once all requirements are completed it usually takes 15 to 20 minutes for your account to be automatically upgraded to be allowed to submit films.