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Chris W
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Jan 16, 2020 at 9:14 AM
Oct 30, 2002
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Los Angeles, CA U.S.A
Film & TV Editor

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Chris W

Studentfilms.com & FilmSchool.org Owner, Male, from Los Angeles, CA U.S.A

Staff Member
Chris W was last seen:
Jan 16, 2020 at 9:14 AM
    1. Greg Wimberley
      Greg Wimberley
      How do I become in student films and feature films?
      1. Chris W
        Chris W
        Find people who are casting and apply... you can post a thread in the forums and I think there are some posts from people looking for talent.
        Nov 28, 2016
    2. Priestly Andoh
      Priestly Andoh
      Hi I am an editor and cinematographer. How can I participate productively in my career through this site
    3. Pratik Sengupta
      Pratik Sengupta
      am really sorry but the entry has gone wrong.My name is PRATIK and my birthday is on 7 th sep 1994
      1. Pratik Sengupta
        Pratik Sengupta
        plz can u help me with changing these info ?
        Oct 2, 2015
    4. BenjaminW
      How do I send a private message? I'm looking into this voting thing.
      1. Chris W
        Chris W
        If you click on the letter icon in the top right there's an option to start a conversation. Also if you click on my name in a thread in the popup window there should be a link to start a conversation too.
        Mar 9, 2015
    5. jeff791107
      Hi Chris,
      I am a new member in this forum.
      How can I post my question in this forum?
      Thank you
      1. Chris W
        Chris W
        You go to the forum... find a category you want to post in... and then either make a new thread or post a reply.

        The new thread button is in top right.
        Jan 15, 2015
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    Home Page:
    Los Angeles, CA U.S.A
    Film & TV Editor
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    BU COM '99
    Founded Studentfilms.com while attending BU's College of Communication in 1998. Currently thriving in the low down dirty world of "non-scripted" TV editing - which surprisingly (depending on the show) is an extremely fulfilling and creative experience as an editor as the editor practically "writes" the whole show instead of it being written before it even gets to you.


    I hope you're enjoying the site. Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions.
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