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Jake Lefkowitz
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Jan 22, 2016
Jan 21, 2016
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Film Composer

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Jake Lefkowitz

New Member, Male, from Boston

Hello! Im a film composer, audio engineer, guitarist, and producer studying at Berklee College of Music! Jan 21, 2016

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Jan 22, 2016
    1. Jake Lefkowitz
      Jake Lefkowitz
      Hello! Im a film composer, audio engineer, guitarist, and producer studying at Berklee College of Music!
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    Home Page:
    Film Composer
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    Berklee College of Music
    Hello, my name is Jake Lefkowitz and I am a Film Composer, Audio Engineer and guitarist. I started playing music at the age of three and have been playing guitar now for fifteen years. I have a diploma from SAE (school of Audio Engineering) which I attended after high school and I now study film scoring at Berklee College of Music.

    Being involved with music and my love of film for all this time has allowed me to be comfortable with a variety of genres and styles. From action to horror to comedy, I love to compose all of it! And best of all, for those of you also in college, we can relate better to each other and form strong connections which can last for the entirety of our careers.

    Feedback About My Recent Works:

    "Happy" is not the correct word..."elated" or "euphoric" or "amazed" are better descriptions for the commissioned work you did for me. Awesome work Jake. Thank you.--Daniel B.

    “When you want add that big “modern” Hollywood studio sound to your production quickly, call Jake Lefkowitz.” - Max N.

    "Oh wow i love this, can we use it with the Clot Production? I didn't hear it all but if its not the full running time can you please make it so and if it is, from what i heard amazing job." - John P.

    Important Info!

    Where can I listen to your music/demos?
    All public tracks of mine are located at soundcloud.com/jake-lefkowitz-music However, my newest tracks aren't always up yet so you may email me (jake.lefkowitz12@gmail.com) or message me here for those links.

    What are your rates?
    Everything is dependent on you and the project. Me being a college student myself, I understand budgets are often tight. So, every deal is negotiated and compromised to create a fair environment where everyone is happy and wants to do their part. If you want an estimate however, I have done deals where its 250$ for 20 minutes but I have also done deals where I retain the copyright and its closer to 50$. Sync deals are also options and those usually cost 40-60$ but again, we would negotiate everything.

    How long does a composition usually take?
    It depends on how long your project is but I have done 25 minutes of music in 5-7 days. It depends on the genre and style as well.

    How do I contact you?
    The fastest way is my email, but I will also be checking in on this website too.

    Thanks for your time,




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