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Beautiful Epic Cinematic Trailer Music #1

A Beautiful, yet epic and heroic track with full orchestra, choir, piano.

  1. GeorgMausolfMusic
    This track which I wrote for the Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sotchi is at the same time beautiful and uplifting, heroic and powerfull and deeply emotional. As the games and its athletes, it has a story of up’s and down’s at which end we are just breath- and speachless. Superbly fitted for YOUR cinematic needs and easily adaptable for your needs, as it features
    1. The full track itself
    2. The first, uplifting part, building up to a collapse
    3. The action middle part
    4. The last, heroic and beautiful part and
    5. A action loop from the middle part.
    It features a full orchestra (strings, brass, woodwinds), choir, epic percussion, and a beautiful piano.