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Reverse Psychology 1

A free soundtrack with a ton of instruments and a sad to happy tone

  1. Garet J
    This free track is the first and still one of the best songs I have released on Soundcloud. It goes well with a story about a 6 year old girl with dysfunctional parents who wakes up to find that her parents are gone and the small amounts of furnishings they have smashed on the ground and the fridge and pantries raided but she still finds enough food to make a half a bowl of cereal in her nightgown that serves as her only article of clothing made from the curtains that hung in the single kitchen window that she looks out of while finishing her last bite and washing her dishes and after ripping another curtain off a window to make a bag to hold the spoon, the bowl, a bottle of water and her pink stuffed kitten that will accompany her on a journey to find a new home...or whatever you want really...

    Although the track is quiet, most video editing softwares can raise the volume significantly without lowering the quality. Recognition for this work in your film is greatly appreciated.