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A# - An American Experience

YouTube URL:
  • Duration:
    50 minutes
    Film made while attending:
    Canon XF100
    Software Used:
    Premiere Pro 6
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    Rode Mic
    This film is dedicated to all those (immigrants) who leave their roots in search of a place that they hope will better serve their needs, whatever they may be..career, personal or professional growth, family needs or simply a better lifestyle. The film sheds light on the struggles, hopes and fears, joy and sorrows, disappointments, frustrations, loneliness, sacrifices and the whole spectrum of emotions that one experiences in the process of a Chutiya.jpg malgamating and blending with one's new home. While many others may see only the brighter side, this film is an effort to show the untold side.."The Other Side"