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A Sugarbush Tale

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Film made while attending
Boston University, College of Communication
VX1000 MiniDV
Software Used
Avid Media Composer
Other Film Equipment Used:
A documentary about a man's hobby of making maple syrup in Vermont. I shot, did audio, directed, and edited this film myself. Aired on Public Television in New England for a while. Heck it might still be playing...

It was interesting to have to film the subject while walking through the deep snow in snowshoes holding the camera and boom mike all while trying not to trip as my sound guy never showed up.... so a one man show it was!

Latest reviews

Pros: - well shot.
- good choice of documentary topic (process of making maple syrup).
Cons: - could have featured more extreme wide shots of that beautiful Vermont landscape.
Hi Chris, ok so my review is as follows: The main guy making the syrup is a natural storyteller and talker. Therefore was a good subject, eager to explain, show and draw the viewer in with his passion for this hobby (or livelihood, we don't know). When he talks about the 'sugar steambath', you can almost smell it!

The pacing of the editing was good, slow country living feeling. It gave the viewer a real wish to be there in nature with him, enjoying a very different pace of life than most of us city dwellers are used to (I live in NYC!) In fact, you could have added even more to this by having some longer, lingering shots where he's just sitting and thinking as he's looking into the fire. No need for voiceover, just let the silence build.

Since you were documenting a process, what was missing was the result: the syrup itself! Some footage of the golden stuff dribbling off a spoon with sunshine behind it.

Overall though, very interesting and likeable documentary.

Would be great if you could also review and add a few pointers to my own short film "Do You Want To Buy Some Cookies?" over here: https://www.studentfilms.com/showcase/do-you-want-to-buy-some-cookies-short-film.178/

This was my 1st attempt at working with actors.



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Chris W
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5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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