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A Theif's Remorse

A pickpocket has a change of heart mid-theft.

Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Canon Vixa HFR400
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Elements 11
Submitted for website contest last year, was done entirely in one take.
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Latest reviews

Pros: Character limitations
Cons: Less meaningful
Story was good but you can do better to convey in the movie.
Filming was awesome and better than using a still camera.
Editing can be improved.
Background score was nice
Number of characters used i.e. character limitations was nice work.
Climax could have been short more maturely.
Pros: Meaning
Cons: Exposure, Length, Sound
I liked this film a lot, but I do think it was constrained by your camera, the length, and your sound. Your sound cuts in and out awkwardly, next time I would add some fades. Your editing was a bit sporadic. I don't know if there was a time limit, but the speeding up of the video was quite noticeable. Also work on your exposure. Try to get a variable ND filter in the future for when you're moving in/outside.
This was a great example of "less is more." The short run time and single shot allowed the focus to be on the narrative being told. I think the biggest thing to work on would be audio and stability of camera movements - those technical things can really make the difference between student and professional-quality work.


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I've written quite a few stories and every time I come up to a "change of heart" scenario the first thing that I always think of is "family" or "pictures of family" and I think we should try discarding these ideas to find newer and more original ways to show a true sense of connection. I kind of saw the ending coming as soon as I read the description.
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