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A Theif's Remorse

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Pros: Character limitations
Cons: Less meaningful
Story was good but you can do better to convey in the movie.
Filming was awesome and better than using a still camera.
Editing can be improved.
Background score was nice
Number of characters used i.e. character limitations was nice work.
Climax could have been short more maturely.
Pros: Meaning
Cons: Exposure, Length, Sound
I liked this film a lot, but I do think it was constrained by your camera, the length, and your sound. Your sound cuts in and out awkwardly, next time I would add some fades. Your editing was a bit sporadic. I don't know if there was a time limit, but the speeding up of the video was quite noticeable. Also work on your exposure. Try to get a variable ND filter in the future for when you're moving in/outside.
This was a great example of "less is more." The short run time and single shot allowed the focus to be on the narrative being told. I think the biggest thing to work on would be audio and stability of camera movements - those technical things can really make the difference between student and professional-quality work.
Pros: Great concept and execution
Cons: Audio levels all over the place
As a composer, I really noticed the audio levels and the unbalance of all the sounds with the music. Pay attention to this element in your future projects. I also felt that lighting seemed too bright at times especially when passing by the windows.

Great work though really enjoyed it. The emotional turn is swift and smooth and you hardly notice it. Well done!
Pros: - Good concept and idea
- Nice dynamic with the train and the actress
- Interesting setting
Cons: - Little bit too short, was expecting it to be longer.
- The camera movements were a little on the unstable side with the tracking shots
- The audio fade (for the music) was a bit too fast, almost abrupt.
The concept was strong and it was enjoyable to watch. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I sat down to watch it but it certainly captured and maintained my attention however I did feel it was a little on the short side. The idea and concept itself was the main strength of the short film, which is something that is paramount (I feel) in film making. Without a good, solid idea and concept it doesn't really matter how good your technical skills are. It is the idea and concept that will entertain people for the most part. I liked the setting also, it is not often that you would see something like this set on a train and this added to the dynamic of the short - with the train stopping and starting in time with the actress doing the same) as this added a new depth between the setting and actress that is not seen very often!
In terms of the technical side of things, this is (while watching it) something I wished was slightly better, but that is just me personally. I felt that the tracking shots of the thief were a bit too unstable (as in the shots were shaky) but that is something that is easily fixed! I also feel that more could have been done in the post-production to bring out the colours more, i.e Contrast Correction to restore some of the blacks and whites of the shots, Colour correction and saturation to make it that little bit more appealing to the eye - but besides that, I really enjoyed this short film!
Awesome work!
Pros: All done in one impressive take
Cons: Some of the audio is poorly mixed
Excellent short with a moral. I was impressed by the one take shot. The only piece of constructive criticism that I can offer is just to work on the audio mix, it was a bit shabby.
(Also correct the spelling of Thief in the title)

Keep up the great work!
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Pros: Great camera choreography
Cons: Story a little light but I understand the restrictions for the contest
This was a film submitted to our Kurasawa one shot contest that we had a year or so ago.. I'm still impressed. Great camera work... The sound is great too. Did you accent the sound design at all or is that what was recorded on tape?

I'd love to see more of your work.