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A trip to sundarban

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Film made while attending
Nikon D5200 and mobile camera
Software Used
VSDC video editor
Other Film Equipment Used:

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Pros: Very atmospheric story
Cons: Images from the phone require more color correction in my opinion
Overall a very atmospheric movie. :rolleyes:
Music, people, nature - all this is very immersed in the film. But there are many
defective shots that spoiled the atmosphere of the short film. :(
Sugata Mondal
Sugata Mondal
Thank you for your opinion . Can you please elaborate what do you mean by "defective shorts" ?
Kondrea Alex
Kondrea Alex
I mean the moment where there are three separate frames on the screen. The camera trembles very much and I do not have time to see the whole action.
Sugata Mondal
Sugata Mondal
Ok . I understand that . And thank you for your thoughts .
I realy Like your short Filim It was Nice
The camera work and editing is Very Nice
No word to Speak The Video Is Amazing I Realy Like It
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Sugata Mondal
Sugata Mondal
Thank you .
Pros: Beautifully shot and was interesting from the get go! Good job!
Cons: The soundtrack choice could have been better and weighed the film down a bit.
a bit color graded
I really enjoyed watching your film. The cinematography and editing was amazing. The story was cool too. Loved that it barely had dialogue and was visual throughout
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Sugata Mondal
Sugata Mondal
Thanks for your beautiful review . I'm glad that you have enjoyed it .


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Sugata Mondal
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