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Abstinence (Spanish, Turn the Subtitles ON)

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Film made while attending
La Lumiere
Canon T3i
Software Used
Adobe Premiere 2019
Other Film Equipment Used:
Rode NTG3, Benro KH-25, Rode 3mts, Headphones ATH-M30
TURN THE SUBTITLES ON! - A troubled mind on the path of twelve steps to redemption can find rest in only the first of them.
Full Synopsis:
Oscar is an addict, that's why he decides to go to a center of self help under the pressure of his ex-wife and friends. He is surprised by the existence of such a place, being that he believed to be the only one with this problem. There he meets Dr Flowers, the person in charge of this peculiar center and Alejandro, another person with the same problem.

About the making of this shortfilm:
I'm an Argentinian Filmmaker and this my student short film. I've been working on this 2 months and we filmed it in a whole day. I Directed and Edited it and i know i made some mistakes but i hope you can enjoy it and give me some feedback.

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Contact Email: crexe@icloud.com
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the film is really good and i just like the way it has been presented being and student i understood the difficulties and the things were very well handled in deed at last i will say just one more think the movie is sound is really very well balanced and transformed lets see how others go for it


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