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Barbie and Dino Thug

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Sony A7III
Software Used
Final Cut Pro X
Other Film Equipment Used:
RoDEO PRO Microphone. Regular lamp light, tripod.
I made this Adult SWIM short film (NO BUDGET) in 48 hours. This is what happens when two parents drink a bottle of wine on a Friday night and figure out that playing with their daughter's KidKraft Dream Dollhouse, is much more fun than they thought. There is VULGARITY in this short film, PLEASE wear headphones if you are around children. I just wanted this film to be so bad that it makes people laugh at the nonsense.

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Pros: Childish humour (which pays off)
A successful quick project
Cons: Slow start - I'm not laughing soon enough
I didn't expect to like this and was initially a little straight-faced and underwhelmed but was definitely giggling by the end of it. I think bringing in the canned laughter sooner would probably help.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Barbie dolls and dino toys, my twin sister and I played with them simultaneously when we were much younger. Although I can't say the dinosaur ever wore a dress!

For a no budget, 2hr hour production of slightly childish humour, that you wouldn't expect to find yourself laughing at (the very fact of this adds to the humour of the piece), this is a good watch.
The only issue is that these are vulgar ( a lot of swearing), they got banned from YouTube even when I put for viewers to be 18 years of age, so please do not watch at work or next to children.


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