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Batman: Gotham Blood

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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Rancocas Valley Regional High School
Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
Adobe After Effects CC 2017
Other Film Equipment Used:
Zoom H1 Audio Recorder, Rode Video Mic, Matte Box/Grip
Gotham Blood Bat Symbol FLAT copy 3.png
Gotham City is in its Golden Age as a decade of bad blood ends with the death of Joker. The Wayne Foundation has been hard at work rehabilitating inmates at Arkham and restoring the city to its former glory. Bruce Wayne is optimistic, but Commissioner Gordon senses something strange in the air... Joker is back with a new philosophy that will bring Batman to his knees and no one, not even ignorant and determined Damian Wayne, can stop him.

Sean Jamison, Aidan Collett, Milan Mistry, Sam Brownell, Grace Oddo, Emily Crowe, and Connor Hoagland

Directed and produced by Aidan Collett
Written by Jaden Chris

Original Soundtrack by Aidan Collett and Bryce Stout
Music Produced by Bryce Stout

This film is not affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Bros. Studios.
Original characters by Bob Kane and DC Comics.

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Latest reviews

Pros: Joker was excellent
Cons: The actor or robin and other actors were not good
Framing could be improved and the camera set up is too grainy, for your next project try to set the camera up better. Have more shots then just close ups, you want to show the audience the locations. Acting can be heavily improved and definitely took the film down. Expect for the joker he was great! Its difficult to pull off a batman film but the main issue with this film is the locations. Locations for batman are very important. You seemed to film in abandoned buildings and didn't even show the buildings, that doesn't seem like a very good location for batman. Definitely should have casted someone older and better at acting for batman.
Aidan Collett
Aidan Collett
Thank you so much for the advice and criticisms! They are greatly appreciated! This being my first film, there is a lot I can improve upon and I think you outlined some great places for me to start! I am actually planning something else within the Batman genre, so the direct advice for Batman movie making will come in handy. Acting wise, it will have a smaller cast (same Batman, but I am going to work with him some more to clean up his acting). Thank you so much again!


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Film information

Added by
Aidan Collett
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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