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'Bear With Me' - Short Film

A lighthearted comedy following the office life of Ray Freeman (Benjamin O'Brien), worried about losing his job; will his childhood friend save the day? Please rate on IMDb http://m.imdb.com/title/tt5740252/
Pros: Fun
Cons: Music
This film kept my attention till the end, which is a good sign for the writing. However, my compliments end here. Bar the animation and writing, I found the overall quality lacking. The framing was a little lacklustre, more could have been done with lighting for amore dynamic look. Finally - awful music choices. I appreciate the restrictions placed on us by copyright laws but there are far more creative solutions than this same track I've heard a thousand times.
Anton Arenko
Anton Arenko
Thanks for your review 8 agre on music - problem is I guess when your starting on student films they don't teach enough about audio and music and the impact it has! Turst me since doing this three years ago I've come a long way ahaha
Pros: Concept is great
Acting is quite enjoyable
Some nice character moments
Cons: Very little shot variety
Pacing of the climax is a bit strange
I rather enjoyed watching this film and seeing the characters interact, but I found that the lack of shot variety really effected this film's quality. Because there are so few establishing shots and full shots, the climactic moment where the boss brings out his own stuffed animal is almost confusing, it almost looks as though our main character's bear has turned into a chipmunk? I was a bit uncertain as to that, and without a clarifying shot and a moment between the two characters where they acknowledge one another, the ending seemed to just...happen and left the film feeling incomplete. This is NOT to say the film wasn't enjoyable, because I really appreciate the acting- and the concept is so sweet. I love the interaction between he and his friends fake shooting one another, that was a great little addition to lend some humanity to our protagonist. Great job and I hope to see more!
Pros: -Solid acting
-Shot neatly
-Entertaining story
-Well written
Cons: -Color correction
The performances in this film were great! That has to be one of the most rare treasures in student filmmaking. I can't think of another film hat has solid acting in it, this is the first one that has struck me. I think the film was creative and entertaining!