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2 minutes
Film made while attending
Woodinville High School
Canon Rebel T5i
Software Used
Premiere Pro
Film was submitted to following Schools
Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, Chapman University
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Pros: Short and sweet. Lighthearted storytelling.
Cons: Very minor technical hiccups.
Had a lot of fun watching this short piece. The actor playing the grandpa was a great fit for taking us through the nostalgic, at times confusing anecdote. The film seems to skip a beat at times but in a way which felt intentional in the pacing (and was literally addressed by the children) and added to the charm of the narrator as he told his story. Occasionally there were technical issues, such as the audio of the performers in the flashback being poorly captured at times and a moment when the shutter speed seemed to be over cranked in a way that seemed like an oversight. But technical quibbles were minor and few, Overall it was a lighthearted and fun story.
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Colton Van Til
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