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Blue Flowers

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Film Information & Plot

8 mins
Film made while attending
Bournemouth Film School
Sony A7ii
Software Used
Premiere Pro 2018
Other Film Equipment Used:
Rode mic, Tascam, LED panels and too much more to mention

Latest reviews

This is so powerful. I don't think I even drew breath while watching this! It's very impressive and inspiring. The acting is as striking as the dialogue. The unimposing music is a beautiful background. The church is a well-chosen and intriguingly controversial setting for it all too. However, it is that cut at the end (spoilers!) that seals the deal, finishing the film poignantly and gracefully with a lasting impression.

I've watched 'Think Different' and 'Still Life' too and they're just as experimental and interesting.


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kai harrison
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5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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