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Broken Vows

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Pros: Unique angles
Black and white shot composition
Good film score
Cons: Slow paced
Lacked character development
Lacked an emotional connection for the audience
Some shots were to shaky
I found Broken Vows to be a very interesting film with striking black and white imagery. While I enjoyed the musical score and the very unique angles that the film maker chose to tell the story, I feel that the film missed an opportunity to engage the audience, really develop its characters and draw the audience in emotionally.

One way to do this would have been to show more of the actor’s expressions. We very rarely saw the actor's faces, so it was a little difficult to tell what they were thinking, how they were feeling and how we, as the viewers were supposed to feel while watching the scenes. The scene when the male actor leaves the bar, it would have been great to see a front shot of him stumbling towards the camera, while the female lead stalks behind him with a compelling look on her face. This would put the viewer in “uh oh, what’s going to happen” mode, as opposed to feeling like we are on the outside looking in. I definitely think the film needed more emotional appeal and that it missed opportunities to tell us more about the characters. Perhaps adding a little more to the plot of the story would have really made the film feel more complete. This could be done with more facial shots and facial expressions, which wouldn’t necessarily make the film longer, but it would make better use of the time already used in the film.

Overall, I feel the filmmaker did a good job with this film. I would definitely be interested in watching more of their work in the future.
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Pros: Black and White
Creative transitions
Rythm of the scenes
Cons: Color scenes
The Black and White really added to the look of the movie and gave it something Noir like and you knew where to cut and the movie doesn´t feel to long/short.


what the Black and White added the scenes in color took away a little because they aren´t looking as polished because (I assume) you did not color correct in post.

And on a not-included-in-the-rating-sidenote: not much of a fun of overdub personally. But of course, that is even more subjective than the rest of the review.

Keep up the good work :)
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Pros: I like the work that all the people of the short do and the way that them told the problematic is so interesting and entertaining to see.
Cons: Pienso que le falto al corto un poco más de profesionalidad y por decirlo así maestría en las tomas, con un poco más de notoriedad en las expresiones de los personajes, su cuerpo y poco más.
Buen cortometraje.
I like the Project, it shows clearly the main idea of the thoughs of the main character and introduces the argument of the story in a good form.
In fact i would like more face and body shots, to perform the way the people look and understand the feelings of protagonist and other actors have.
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