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16:46 Mins
Film made while attending
DSLR Camera
Software Used
Adobe After Effects
Other Film Equipment Used:
The short was made in 2018.The story revolves around a college student who happens to get into some strange circumstances.I dont want to spoil anymore but i can assure you all one thing-as the briefing i gave just now,the movie itself may look simple when you watch it for the first time but if you read the breakdown document given in the description of the video(i will share the link here also),you will find yourself missing out on many details or maybe even more important ones which will then look more obvious than during your first watch(read the breakdown document only after watching.you can rewatch 2nd time if you want to,after reading-i hope you do)

If you felt the same,let me know in this thread.Share you thoughts & review about the short film.Criticize to the core!

BREAKDOWN DOCUMENT(read after watching once) :




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