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Chopped SUIS Episode 1

YouTube URL:
  • Duration:
    Film made while attending:
    SUIS Gubei
    Software Used:
    Final Cut Pro X
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    This was a documentary project when the school hosted a cooking competition
    The Series has a total of 2 episodes, and have both been edited by EJIDA Studios and Finkle Sandwich.

Recent Reviews

  1. Nikhil Jadhav
    "Could be done better"
    Pros - good footage. Content was really nice.
    Cons - It would look amazing if you could take every individuals view points separately. Like as shown in master-chef.
    Overall video was good. It would have been better if had followed the above Cons. Also more narrations would be better next time. I liked how you actually shot the video. Very creative.
    I guess you could even work more with the transitions as it looked a bit childish. real smooth transitions would be much better. Try to get every ones reviews separately next time. It would look soo much better. Thats all. Keep up the good job.
    1. EJIDA Studios
      You are right. It would be great if we could take every individual's view points separately, however, since we had to create this in a short time span of 3 days, we unfortunately just didn't get the time to do so. When we are doing another cooking episode, we'll try our best to individually interview every chef there was. We're glad you liked it. Thanks for the review.
      EJIDA Studios, Sep 10, 2017