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Coming to Get You (2006)

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Film made while attending
Griffith Film School
Sony DSR-300 (SD)
Software Used
Final Cut Pro 5
Other Film Equipment Used:
Awards won
Best First Film "Screen Production Major" 2006
It's time to get ready, because he's coming to get you!

In groups of 3 we were instructed to create a 1 minute short film using a camera and tripod only, that included at least 1 pan and 1 tilt. That was it. We had up to 1 week pre-production, 4 hours filming, and 4 hours in the edit suite. The result was the best first feature for Griffith Film School's "Screen Production" major, 2006.

Film was created with Anthony Young and Colby Redmond, whom I partnered up with for several future projects.

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Latest reviews

Pros: Got the message across! A very quirky video as to what girls has to go through just to get ready.
Cons: Titling could be improved. More close ups would be nice.
I enjoyed this micro short film. I didn't quite get at first what was happening at the beginning because the objective was not established clearly enough but halfway through I figured it out.

In terms of technicality, I feel the cutting could be better and also the titles could be embellished a little more.
Pros: Speaks to the difference in perception between men and women
Cons: NA
This short was laugh out loud funny. The action was paced just right with no fluff and the performances were belivable. The various camera angles contributed to the immediacy of the situation and the ending was a corker. Thanks for an amusing and clever offering. Congrats to all involved.
Pros: Light-hearted with a universal message
Cons: None
Scrambling to get ready for a date, and the anxieties of what to wear, how to look. The acting and editing all came together in this quick short about the universal struggles of self-presentation. The camera quality is a bit dated, as this student film is 11 years old, but the story comes through quite well.


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