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Pros: Some Creative Shots
Cons: Sound Quality
Good Job! I Recommend playing around with audio in post, or recording foley. The audio here is a bit inconsistent and can be improved either by using a boom setup, or by recording ADR. The shots were interesting, with a few cool angles, but since this is a horror feel free to experiment a little. There is also a vignette effect on the shots that is unnecessary and actually makes your video look less professional than it would without it.
Pros: good scare
Cons: repetitive shots
The first scare with the hair coming from behind the wall had me startled.
The usage of the shots is rather repetitive and the plot really goes nowhere. In a 2 minute short that is really hard to pull off anyway.
The little girs is really cute :)
Good excersise in learing how to make movies and I'm sure you guys had a lot of fun making it.
keep going.
Pros: Excellent Sound and suitable creepy villian
Cons: Visuals could go a little further to enhance the horror vibe but i assume there were limitations, set, lighting etc.
I thought this was an effective short, at 1.32 secs it never out stays its welcome and it effectively builds maintaining an error of mystery right to the end.

I enjoyed the villain and only seeing the hair leaves a lasting impression. I really liked the sound design as it added much needed macabre which i think is missing from the visuals.

In terms of visuals it feels a little lacking, i would assume with no budget and limitations in terms of the set and lighting this would be the reason. The revel of the character in the shower the first time could be done more effectively but again i assume it is a lack of space that would hinder the movement and placement of the camera.

I have watched this and the other one about the doll and although both are effective this one is more to my sensibilities. The Doll one might be two abstract but it was effective and i wont forget it. The same goes for this short. I think you have a feeling that you are getting across with these two shorts and i think you are getting that tone right. Now the focus needs to be on the set design and lighting. These will only help to enforce that tone further.

I will look out for more of your work as you have definitely peaked my interest. Best of luck and i look forward to what else you have.

Irish Film Borg