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Film made while attending
University of York + Teesside University
Canon 750D
Software Used
Final Cut Express
Adobe After Effects
Other Film Equipment Used:
Rode VideoMic, Tripod, Slider

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Pros: + Great cinematography
+ Interesting camera-angles
+ Intriguing tension
Cons: - Not much context storywise
- The lighting (blurry at the moments)
Departure was an interesting and somewhat thrilling short film, which had some good-looking visual aspects to it. The premise of the film was very simple, but effectively relatable as it does succesfully show how the fear of uknown is terrifying at the concept itself. Great job, but I would have loved to see little more context to the story like a second twist after thechasing scene etc. Either way a reasonable short film.
Pros: Built tension well!

Intriguing kept me watching!
Cons: Minor improvements on the technical aspect of the cinematography were needed.

The music wasn't subtle enough.
I am writing this review because I think that this concept short is exciting and there are only a few things would be needed to make it polished.
The first thing that I would like to address is the music, it was generic and took to much control of the emotion of the piece. If there were no music/bass rumble, to begin with, and only foley/soundscape it would build atmosphere much quicker and more efficiently. Here is an excellent video essay on how to use audio to build tension. Then at the climax add some subtle not to controlling music.
The next thing I want to address is the color grade. I feel that the protagonist's face wasn't light properly. It would have been nice to have some soft wrapping backlight on one side of his face to mimic the sunset, but because it wasn't shot that way you might consider relighting in post-production (or completely silhouette him). Another thing is there is a beautiful sunset with the blue dusk sky, with only a few tweaks to the color grade that blue cast could pop and make it a much more cinematic color pallet.
Overall Great Piece! Sincerely,
Sam Gannuch.
Pros: great use of dramatic effect
The cinematography was on point and tension was built well. Great use of dramatic effect, sound effects were used at perfect timing. The overall editing was well done. The acting was good although there were moments the actors expressions did not seem convincing.


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Jacob Crow
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