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ELEPHANT - A tale of seeing pink elephants

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Pros: Design, unfolding plot
Cons: Shot composition, exposure
First off, nice job man. I liked the nature of the film ie. how many elements were kept hidden throughout.
Constructive criticism: Be careful of over-exposed shots when shooting in daylight. I think, like the other reviewer said, a bit of color grading would do it justice.
I liked the ending too.
I definitely wanna see more.
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Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree with the colour grading, some shots, especially near the end are over exposed. We ran out of time and at the time I was very inexperienced. Thanks for the positive story feedback.
Pros: Acting
Cons: Editing, Script
I liked the acting in this was funny.
Should have been shorter or have more action with the drunkard, some color grading on top to give a feeling to the mood would also be great.
Maybe some handheld shots.
Script was weak, it was more of showing a situation than a story.
That's what I felt.
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Thank you for the feedback. As a first effort I really enjoyed how it turned out but that's what it's all about isn't - taking criticism positively and making it better for the future

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