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    Film made while attending:
    University of Nevada, Reno
    BlackMagic Production Camera and Canon 7D
    Software Used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Audition CC
    Fabrication Still 1.png Created by students at University of Nevada, Reno for the 4points 48hr film challenge.
    Requirements were
    Prop: Dryer Lint
    Character: Joshua or Janet Jones
    Line of Dialogue: I'd like to know who wrote this Dialogue

Recent User Reviews

  1. Andy Walls
    "Funny plot."
    Pros - Creative, comedic, nice use of basement atmosphere and dryer.
    Cons - Abrupt cuts, inconsistencies in audio and camera handling. didn't see the relevance of the questionnaire guy?? Lack of reason in the story. Vignette?
    Hey! Fun film guys.
    I don't really see the reason for using vignette in video editing. It works well for photographs but since its video and its moving images it just looks weird and unnatural. A really important thing about being comic is taking it seriously. I think your actor did a good job for the most part. I would be more careful with continuity and put a constant room tone to avoid abrupt audio changes. Comedy has to have sense too. Make a story board! it takes 4 minutes and gives you a great advantage also gives more reason to your shots that way it wont look improvised. All the props have to have a reason to be where they are not just randomly located, it has to be logical for the guy to put the open substances on the tiny jiggly shelf in a way that we might understand.
    Hope this works as feedback, I understand sometimes we lack money for equipment but use all you have available from houselamps to tablecloths. The story in general is clear and simple but some of the things that happen don't seem to have any reason behind. He chokes the sock, why? and then the next scene the sock is lying in bed awake taking to him. Weird transition.
    The questionnaire guy was creepy, he had no backgroung and unclear objectives. Kind of unnecessary, it was clear that the wife was dead. We didn't need to be literally told that.
    Well it a short review, hope it helps.
    Good luck and have fun!