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Film Information & Plot

4 minutes 26 seconds
Film made while attending
New York Film Academy - First Year
Canon 5D mk. iii
Software Used
Pinnacle Studio Pro
Other Film Equipment Used:
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (misc. shots)
I shot this as my second project during my first year of film school back during the Fall of 2017 in New York Film Academy. I had just seen Blade Runner 2049 for the first time the week before shooting this, and I could not get over it. I was so obsessed with it that I incorporated it into the atmosphere of this film so much. I also wanted to tell a little bit of a personal story to it as well about lost love and loneliness and all that stuff, so this is it.
Sometimes memories are all you have. This is just like that.

I hope you all find something to enjoy in this short and I look forward to reading your feedback.
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