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Flight of The Dancing Crow

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    Film made while attending:
    Lumix FZ1000
    Software Used:
    Fnal Cut Pro X Trial Version :3
    Film was submitted to following Schools:
    Ill be submitting a shorter version to NYU and the Art Center

Recent Reviews

  1. Sophia Trainor
    This is a very odd and intriguing representation of the effect of media on humans – leading them to violence. The make-up and costume drew me in to watch the film. You’ve got a lot out of having not so much to work with. There is great cinematography in this short, really easy to understand who is looking at what and the story flows nicely. Lovely unexpected cut to the camera flash, I like that you stylishly left all of the goriness to the imagination in that part and it gets more intense as the story progresses: when you do show violence it is symbolic, there is more than just guts and gore to this film.

    The soundtrack works perfectly with the film, it’s timed very well and I love the high note of the violin that conveys violence of the hammer scene. I like how attention and time is given to small movements that help develop the audiences understanding of the character; great acting to be able to convey a range of feelings in body language so well without talking. I like how you portrayed the news feed by using a plate, there are great quirky ideas in this film. The blood stained rug credits with typewriter font on it works brilliantly at the end and the colours throughout the film are lovely and muted, really fitting with the subject matter.

    The film had great pacing, nice and fast for violent parts, which contrasts greatly with the lengthened out parts of typewriting and dying at the end. An overall odd and meaningful film.