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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Canon C100
Software Used
Final Cut Pro X
Other Film Equipment Used:
Azden Shotgun Mic, Mavic Pro
It’s easy to get attached to a place or person after a period of time, making it hard to move on when the time comes - but just because you’re moving on.. Doesn’t mean you have to let go of the past completely.


Directed, Written, Cinematography, and Edited by Eugene Chan https://www.instagram.com/3ugenechan/

Mun Kit Chan
Raynard Liew

Art by Jasmine Xie
Drone Operator: Aaron Gao
Sound Recordist: Adrian Wu

"Flowers" by Coldnoise
"Squirrelling” by Purple Planet Music

Special Thanks:
Ryan Hui
Joe Traipattanakul

SUBSCRIBE: http://youtube.com/EuCanProductions
FACEBOOK PAGE: http://fb.com/eucanproductions
INSTAGRAM OFFICIAL: http://instagram.com/eucanpro
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://EuCanProductions.com

Latest reviews

Pros: - nice Cinematography, especially the final drone shot, pulling back.
- liked the comedy start, nice script and gags.
- perfect audio.
Cons: - Went from comedy (which I enjoyed) to 'words of wisdom' (less so) very quickly.
- the animated sequence in middle was a little jarring.
The coffee mix-up at start was fun and well-written. I laughed out loud at the line "My name is Sam Too...tee...oh...oh..." and though it was going to continue in the same way (comedic), which I would have enjoyed.

The switch over to the dramatic / serious style instead was a change of gears.

The middle animation, showing times and life events passing was a little jarring due to suddenly being an animation and later returning to be a film. Would have been better to shoot little 3 second clips of birthdays, guilty pleasures, meeting girlfriend etc. Choice of music seemed too sad for that 'life happening' sequence.

Although the points about life that 'Mr. Wisdom' were making were good and relevant for your university students, they seemed a little labored and trite the way they were delivered (like he was reading off motivational posters). The ladder analogy too was a good one, lerting go the rungs to move up etc. but again seemed a bit finger wagging and heavy. Could have been delivered in a lighter way. Also the score music in the background on the rooftop seemed inappropriate.

Overall, it was very well shot, good camera work and audio was very clean and well executed. That beautiful shot of the landscape and university could have been used more, maybe as an establishing shot at start right before he orders his coffee.

Thank you for sharing it here with us all on the StudentFilms website!

Please feel free to check out my own short film here on the Studentfilms.com website: https://www.studentfilms.com/showcase/do-you-want-to-buy-some-cookies-short-film.178/



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