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Film made while attending
Sony AX100e
Software Used
Final Cut Pro X
Other Film Equipment Used:
RODE Videomic Pro
HOTEL hero shot 2.jpg

Latest reviews

Pros: 1, Nice dark setting; simple, naturally unnerving + enough to tell the story intended.

2, Good camera angles.

3, Paranormal activity projected perfectly. Unpredictable and was quite thrilling.

5, Nice natural acting method. Very realistic.
Cons: 1, More camera angles could have been used. Some shots were a bit too long.
Possibly one of the scariest short films I've seen. It's more than worthy of the genre title. It was unpredictable; never allowing the audience to anticipate what was going to happen, making it even more terrifying. There is also the way the film brilliantly misleads audiences. At first you'd believe the house is a nice, warm place top be, but as the music plays on throughout the film, and strange things begin to happen at seemingly random moments, you can't help but feel your in danger; like someone is watching you from the corner of your eye. I also found the ghost girl to be terrifying and I'm so happy to see that it was pulled off without the unnecessary use of CGI and was done practically with an actor and some gorgeous make up for that 'deadly' effect.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of short horrors or thrillers.

10/10 from me! :)
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Thank you for the review! Glad you enjoyed it!
Pros: музыка, эффекты
Cons: плохой свет
иногда страшно и это в большей степени от музыки и спецэффектов. Хотелось бы больше светового контраста в фильме. Девушка какая то очень смелая получилась, обычная сразу бы убежала после привидения в зеркале. Хороший фильм.Не упускайте звукорежиссера и композитора, такие вам еще пригодятся. Хотя я сам композитор и я за мелодизм в фильме, но для короткометражного фильма это очень хорошо
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Thank you! :)


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