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Film Information & Plot

9:22 Minutes.
Film made while attending
Nikon D3200
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro
Other Film Equipment Used:
Tascam Audio Recorder
Film was submitted to following Schools
University for the Creative Arts in Farnham England.
Were you Accepted?
Daryl - Tom Sullivan
Lisa - Zara Swayah
Paul - David Metcalfe
Barman - Vincent Stable
Woman in Pink - Sophia Talbot
Drinker - Anthony Hamer
Pub Patron - Gemma Kershaw
Barman 2 - Arthur Harlow
Tv/Radio Voice -Anton Arenko

Directed and Written by Anton Arenko
DOP/Editor Andre Arenko & Anton Arenko
Sound by Teagan Rogerson
Production Assistants: Chloe Tishler
Sean Bradley
Ryan Holt
Special Thank you to:
Steve and the Alexandra Pub in Stockport
Nicole Pott
Tom Sullivan
Anthony Hamer
Gemma Kershaw
Jon Oldham

Shot on location in Stockport, England

Latest reviews

Pros: - some well-done scenes, particularly of gore and scariness.
Cons: - opening credits too long.
- audio problems damaged the overall enjoyment of the film.
Hi Anton,

OK here's my review.

The clanking teaspoon at start was a great, menacing intro! The flashbacks to the killer remembering the gory details were well done. Also well done was the scene at 4 mins 12 secs. The audio (reversed, backwards talking or whispering) really sold the scariness of the moment, including the sudden cutting across to the mundane pouring out of a glass of wine.

What bothered me was the audio issues:
- 1min 57 sec this older boss woman's audio is WAY too quiet. What's she saying?
- 2 mins 55 secs, it's completely out of sync.
- that last punch of the popcorn bag had no audio whatsoever.
- him pacing back and forth after popcorn punching = no foley.

Your camera angles sometimes seemed to jolt the viewer out of enjoying the experience eg. the killer standing at bar while other guy is sitting down: top of his head is out of frame, looks weird. Same when he returns home later and is hanging up his coat. He is only fully in shot when he sits down on sofa to watch telly.

The scene down in basement/cellar was strong. The walls covered in blood were well done and audio was creepy, though it was unclear if this woman was alive or dead by now. (Her special effects scar / cut could have been better. If it looks weak, at least just cut away from it in editing VERY quickly, just to give the audience a tantalizing look). I was expecting some final twist or for this woman to turn around and be the boss woman or something, but that was lacking.

Overall, good effort!

I'm hoping to do my own short horror here in New York some time soon....currently collecting scary moments from existing movies, to try to draw inspiration from them.

Hope you have a chance to review my comedy short film 'Do You Want To Buy Some Cookies?" too"





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Added by
Anton Arenko
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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