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Judo Jeopardy || Comedic Mockumentary

YouTube URL:
  • Duration:
    Film made while attending:
    Shanghai United International School Gubei Campus
    RX100 M4, Canon 5D M3
    Software Used:
    Final Cut Pro X
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    Rode Videomike Pro
    Awards won:
    Best Middle School Comedy Shanghai Student Film Festival, Shortlisted Across Asia Youth Film Festival
    2 boys, Ian and Finley, try out the extracurricular activity Judo at their school. However, they weren't expecting such a harsh welcome.

Recent Reviews

  1. Daniel Shipway
    "Good For A Youngling"
    Pros - Some great techniques, well shot in areas, some segments brilliantly written.
    Cons - Not shot in a documentary style, sound issues, transitions not great.
    My favourite type of film to make is a mockumentary. Yours is shot very well in areas! I don't believe that all of this is shot in the style of a documentary. The over shoulder shots are great, but you rarely seen them used in a documentary. This may just be my preference as I have seen people use them before, but cross fade transitions are not my thing. I can deal with a fade to black, but for me a well timed cut is better. As a final year university student, I feel a bit bad picking out many negatives as I can see you are younger students than I. But don't take anything to heart as there many things in this film to be excited about.