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Best short horror/thriller I've ever seen
Pros: Sound Design. Music. Plot. Editing. Ambiance.
That's a great short horror film ! I didn't know we could do something suspenseful in just 3mn. Great ! Keep the good work !
Nice twist
Pros: I loved the twist at the end, It was so well done I thought he was the victim, I didn't expect that at all! , the sound effects were well done too.
Cons: the cons would be the lighting and I would like to see more colour grading
Im going this rating because I liked the over all story and how it was done. But the lighting could be improved to help for a stronger response from the audience
Unexpected Great Horror!
Pros: Wow! Maybe I'm just a big weenie when it comes to any thing horror, I jumped at the scare screens haha. Loved the turn of events at the end, I was not expecting that.
Cons: For me the only con I have is the lighting. Some parts were a bit hard to see what was going on.
The reason I am rating this short a 4 star is because I think if there was lighting added when the actor is sitting in the car, for example when he looks in the rearview mirror, that would have the audience connect with the actors eyes a bit more. That something indeed was about to happen. Creating more tension.
Good horror scene!
Pros: I enjoyed the concept and fun play on words. The sound effects went perfectly with the film.
Cons: Underscore could be used to help the tension build. More strings and cluster chords.
I enjoyed the fun play on words for the theme as well as the sound effects that helped the impact moments hit. The use of some underscore before the sound effects at 1:35 would help the tension build a little more in my opinion. You could even throw in some cluster chords after the 1:35 mark to really build the tension.
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Thank you for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the short! 😃