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Pros: Writing, directing, producing, acting, and cinematography!
Cons: Wish it was longer!!!!
Incredible short film with a compelling story! I'm in tears!!! I'm so happy that I found this! I'm sharing this with everyone! :)
Short, funny, simple
Nice idea about two flowers chatting.
I do not have anything else to say except that you just prove how with few resources, we can do a lot.
Freddie Lee 3
Freddie Lee 3
Why thank you Tony!
Why it is not 5 star
Pros: Music was amazing.
Music and Sound at certain times confused my ear. Voice Animator was not really clear.
Genius thing the invisible crowd heard but not seen.
Best short horror/thriller I've ever seen
Pros: Sound Design. Music. Plot. Editing. Ambiance.
That's a great short horror film ! I didn't know we could do something suspenseful in just 3mn. Great ! Keep the good work !
Keep it up
Pros: The actress was good. Editing skills are good.
Cons: Music played all time does not necessarily emphasis the character's mood. I would be better if there were some Foley Sound to help telling the story with sounds.
Title font could have been better.
I didn't get how stressed the actress was though. More scenes would help a bit.
I like the squirrel thing to make pass the time. Keep it up
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Freddie Lee 3
Freddie Lee 3
Tony I.

Thanks for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it! I'll definitely pay more attention to the things you mentioned in the cons for my next project.
Intruiging Starting
Pros: Script is great because we already jump into the character's universe and desire at the first seconds. Editing is good to me too even if I'm not a specialist.
Cons: Music could have better fade in and fade out to emphasis certain scenes
I was absorbed by the story told by the character's doing without dialogue. At first, I didn't know what the goal of the movie was until I saw it was like an uplifting motivation film. Editing is great.