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Nice simple comedy. But effective.
Pros: The idea is very good and simple.
Cons: The cinematography need to be improved
It made me laugh. The only thing I would change is the lightning and maybe extending a bit the concept and giving it a more complex story.
Clap Clap Review
Pros: Nice composition, cool concept
Cons: In the wine bottle scene the back wall made the image a bit flat so maybe could've added something in production design, like a poster, or used a different wall?
Nice short film with good shots! I like the angles and composition and the lighting was mostly good. Love the concept too.
Pros: - opening shots drew me in
- music and tone were nice
- visuals and editing pacing felt good
Cons: - not a fan of that font
- voiceover felt bit abrupt and maybe would have been more engaging if built into film content (see review)
- perhaps more depth of field (her in focus, background out of focus, or some focus pulls)
I like the subject matter and the opening shots and music really drew me in. Wasn't a fan of the font but that's pretty subjective. After the subtly of the opening the voiceover felt a bit abrupt, and at one point I found myself wondering if it was the girl I was seeing or her mom speaking to her (it's the girl right?). For shorts in particular, I think it can be more engaging to work a voiceover into the films content somehow, like a phone call to her mom or friend, or perhaps she's performing a poem at an open mic to practice being more vulnerable and cut could back and forth. Generally I liked the flow of the visuals, editing, and voiceover. Think shots of her could have had tad more depth of field and voiceover could have had pauses or rhythm changes to kind of break it up. Generally enjoyed, and insecurity content always relatable, thanks :)
Well done and inviting
Pros: I liked the feeling, I thought you did a great job of leaving a scene at the right time to keep this feeling alive.
Cons: I feel like the lighting is something to look out for (the blowing out of the lights) unless that was done in purpose. Nothing wrong with it, it just stands out a lot.
In the end, I thought this was well made. I liked your decision making of using standstill cinematography and when you moved onto motion. I thought the story could have gone with a bit more energy, but that could have ruined the feeling of the film. Solid.
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Pros: - Almost pure cinematography.
- Excellent close ups
Cons: Maybe some allegories and disconnected story.
You think that what is explained with the first visuals is a system criticism on the axis of white collars, next balanced, organized desk and mask on the man's face seems to further confirm this idea. But, man then takes out a floppy disk from the bag and puts it into the computer. The situations that develop after that point, blue and red buttons, and the armed scene in the terrain that resembles an inner showdown.
I think with these scenes, film breaks out of context and goes somewhere complicated.
So it seems to me. After all, films doesn't always have to stay in context, especially experimental ones.
Pros: Showed how when they fight for territory no one wins. Could be seen through the actions of the world's leaders.
Cons: I feel like there should have been more of a difference in shots as well, eventually, it feels like it just waits to end.
The idea is interesting and it is captured well, but I feel like the run time is too long for what you give us. I feel like if you tried to combine this with something or show anything else I would be more engaged. but the idea of the territory is definitely interesting.
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Pretty Much What It Promised To Be
Pros: Interesting to see the bird defend the seeds considering the volume of seeds
Simple and straight forward.
Cons: Relatively simple and without change, felt like more camera shots were needed.
It did what it said it would on the tin, which is display a bird fighting off birds to protect its seeds. Would be interested to hear what the assignment was in which this was submitted.
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For Hooked in Drama
Pros: - Stunning visual effects
- Effective tilted angles to create tension, uneasy
- Good use of sound effects to quickly create the intended atmosphere
Cons: - The pace is a bit slow during the scene where the main character is searching for stuff in the kitchen, the tension drops and the audience loses part of the focus
- This could be a little more complicated in terms of having a larger variety of dissonance, perfects tritone scales, etc.
Easily understandable plot and effectively builds up tension quickly. An accurate and effective portrayal of a drug addict without useless scenes or actions. The music could help build up the atmosphere and suck the audiences into the film a bit more.

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