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Latest reviews

Neat Concept
Pros: Good ideas
Cons: Poor execution
I thought this was a really cool concept but thought a lot of the ideas were poorly executed in this video. A lot of the jokes could of landed better and the comedic timing was definitely off. Great work though, I can tell a lot of time was spent here. A lot of the concepts were pretty cool and smart, also really liked the ending joke!
Beautiful film
Pros: The music theme is beautiful
Cons: I think the music repeats a little bit too much.
Thank you very much for sharing the movie. I enjoyed very much this documentary. Being a musician I would like to talk a little about the music.
The music theme creates a perfect environment for the film. I would like to hear a few variations on the theme. I think it needs one or two key changes. Maybe a little countermelody. Or a B part?
These are just a few ideas I have but I do like the project very much.
Nice, charming and likeable character
Pros: Excellent use of orchestration to set the mood, warmth, likeable and believable character
Cons: Perhaps an opportunity missed to cut to the vineyard earlier, would add contrast to the bar scene.
This is a charming piece, thank you for sharing. I warmed to the personality of the lady and, as a composer, was instantly taken by the musical introduction. It sets the tone nicely I think and blends away in the narrative section to great effect. Towards the end, the lady is seen once more in the vineyard. Would you agree that it would work well to have a further section of this earlier on? It might add contrast to the lady talking in the bar ?
Well done
Pros: Exact right length, no unnecessary scenes. It was on point.
Cons: I missed the emotions in the actor's expression a little
I also really liked the story. if he had never looked in the package he would have remained the best postman
Nice idea !