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"Limbo" - Short Film

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Film Information & Plot

Film made while attending
Temple University
Black Magic Cinema Camera
Software Used
Adobe Premiere Pro
Other Film Equipment Used:
Tripod, Condenser Microphone
Director & Writer- Jake Beyer
Cinematography- Evan Yoh
Audio Engineer- Ellie Spencer

Avery White
Brandon Forgione
Amanda Young

Ross Budgen
Mattia Cupelli

Latest reviews

Pros: -Excellent production quality
-Sound quality was good which is a nice change from some other short films.
- Writing was extremely well done. Reminds me something Martin Scorsese or Chris Nolan would do. Brilliant.
Cons: -I don't think 4 minutes gives the story enough time to evolve properly.
-Maybe more time for some background explanation (Maybe some moments from their relationship).
-I think the introduction is a bit abrupt. Why/how did they get to a field?
Overall I think this was very well done given the length. As I've mentioned above the production was on point as well as the writing. I guess you could say this about any short film however, I feel as if another 3-4 minutes could have given this film a nice touch and created a deeper connection between the characters and the audience. Well done, I look forward to seeing some more films.
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Brandon Forgione
Brandon Forgione
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Brandon Forgione
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