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Film made while attending
Canon DSLR
Software Used
Premiere Pro, After Effects
Other Film Equipment Used:
Boom pole, rode mic, tripod, stabilizer etc

Latest reviews

Pros - Enjoyed the story and when the female character is revealed to be pregnant I feel the film really picked up as there was suddenly an element of threat that wasn't there before, you feared not for the character but instead for the child within - this in turn I enjoyed how it almost seemed to pay homage to such films as Rosemary's Baby. Additionally, the use of the animal mask was very The Shining-esq and I enjoyed that. I also rather enjoyed the changing colours, saturation and hues, it added another element of 'peculiarity' to the film, and with all good horror another layer of threat. Overall, acting was good.

Cons - I felt the sound was uneven and unbalanced at times, along with the score - it was a bit over powering at times and a little bit distracting. Some framing was off i felt and perhaps mixing up the style of cinematography would've helped additionally. I didn't enjoy the use of smartphones and taking pictures of the character when she removes her wig - that didn't match the style of film. I felt that the style of horror and threat should have been more old school.

Overall, I enjoyed around 60-70% of the film and felt it was a very well done effort. Please keep up the work and would love to see what other projects you come up with in the future.


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