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    Columbia College Chicago
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    Rode mic
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Recent Reviews

  1. Chris Merola
    "Focused concept with good execution"
    Pros - The poem ties the shots together into a reflective narrative, with some beautiful nature shots
    Cons - Camera shake in a fair amount of the shots could use some work, audio levels on the music were a bit too loud compared to the speaker at points
    I think you created a good mise en scène here. I really loved the composition of the nature shots, especially those that were sped up. You gave yourself a lot of freedom with the poem, because a reflection on love allows for a wild variety of shots, which you capitalized on.

    I think it's important to note that the story progresses from the voiceover, for the most part. That isn't a big issue, but there may have been a way to better visually capture the story beats from the poem without the viewer relying solely on the poem for the narrative. Think of it this way - with no audio, would the audience be able to gather much besides the fact that the two characters are in love?

    The most problematic thing here is the camerawork and the audio. The music was beautiful, but it overpowered the speaker at times. (If this was intentional, then it isn't clear to me why it should be this way. Perhaps the music is love, and the speaker is immersed in it?) The camerawork was pretty shaky at times, and some shots were done at a dutch angle when I don't know if they were meant to be/should be done in such a way. The shot of the dog in particular is pretty emblematic of the issues with the camerawork.

    Overall, you should be happy with this, and keep creating! I'll bet a stabilizer will fix the camera issues for next time.
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    1. Samuel Ashurov
      Thanks for the feedback! And the camera shake was intentional. Shows how love is "shaky" at times never smooth.

      The whole film is a poem. And if you study it closely (like you would with poems you would be able to understand it without the narration). Love is as beautiful as nature. But sometimes it can lose its colors (thats why there are some shots with less color, like the flowers). Towards the end you see more dead/dry plants which shows that love can die. Things like that etc.

      I don't know what speakers you used to watch the film. But in theater speakers the music never overpowered the speaker. I will make note of that thank you.
      Samuel Ashurov, Aug 15, 2017