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Melancholia Imaginativa

YouTube URL:
  • Duration:
    Film made while attending:
    Canon T3i
    Software Used:
    Final Cut 7
    Other Film Equipment Used::
    2 Sennheiser wireless lavs, a cheapo shotgun mic, Tascam Zoom H4N recorder, the cheapest jib I could find (glidecam) for the opening shot, practical lights or natural light (sometimes with a bounce) only
    Film was submitted to following Schools:
    California Institute of the Arts - ACCEPTED (now attending)
    Columbia University - ACCEPTED
    Ohio University - ACCEPTED
    Columbia College - ACCEPTED
    UT Austin - REJECTED
    Temple University - REJECTED
    Brooklyn College (Barry R Feirstein) - REJECTED
    Were you Accepted?:
    Awards won:
    I first shot this film in Fall 2014. It was the first narrative short I had shot since graduating from undergrad film school 4 years prior, and I scrambled to write and shoot it quickly because I knew I needed new work in order to apply to MFA programs (and felt my undergrad shorts didn't best represent my abilities or the work I wanted to be making). I planned to submit it to a round of MFA applications that Winter, but life got in the way and I decided to wait a year to apply. Finished a fine cut and basic color correction and sound mix in the Winter of 2015 in time to submit to 7 MFA programs. Got accepted to 4 of those and decided to attend CalArts, where I continued to tweak the sound, color, titles, etc through January 2017.

    There's a character limit here, so I'll go into more detail about my experience submitting it to schools & fests on the discussion tab...